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Are you ready for the New Normal after Covid19?

New Normal = Mask to be worn as long if you are out of the house, sanitizers never leave our reach and many more

Circuit breaker took place in early April due to COVID-19. And now that it is currently nearing the end of June, we are still at Phase 2 which means that circuit breaker haven't officially ended as of now even though retail shops are up and running again, as well as gym and other aesthetic services.

There might be minority who thinks that they are invincible against the virus or that the virus is going to vanish just because it have been a few months since Case Zero in Singapore.

Deep down, we all know that the virus is here to stay, for a long time or until a vaccine is found. But even when a vaccine is created, it would still take at least a few months for them to manufacture in bulk and of course those who are able to pay a higher price would get access to it first.

By the time we have access to it, it might take ages.

So what can you do within your company to prevent community spreading?

How about considering this Thermal Scanner with Door Access for Contactless Temperature Screening?

With AI recognition features that can detect if the user is wearing or not wearing mask and also for clocking time attendance, no more wasting time fumbling around for your punch card.

It would be better to be safe than sorry. Most businesses cannot afford to enter another round of circuit breaker or lockdown again. Especially big enterprises or even SMEs.

Majority have been through a tough time during this period.

Let's make the world safe again and do our part.

*Hire-purchase option available (Subject to approval)

Do contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information or to get a quote for this Thermal Scanner.

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