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Apple brings ChatGPT to iPhone, unveils Apple Intelligence

Apple collaboration with ChatGPT!

Apple unveiled a long-awaited AI strategy on Monday (June 10), integrating its new "Apple Intelligence" technology across its suite of apps including Siri and partnering with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to its devices.

The AI features were announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference and will come with the latest operating system for its devices, which were also demonstrated at the event. The features will also allow users to summarize text and generate other content, such as personalized animations to wish a friend happy birthday. Apple has also said that the ChatGPT integration would be available later this year and that other AI features will follow, adding that the chatbot could be accessed for free and that user's information will not be logged. The company also revamped Siri with generative AI technology to give the long-lagging voice assistant the ability to control individual app features. That means Siri can now delete emails and edit pictures for iPhone users.

Known for its focus on safety of user data, Apple said it had built AI with privacy "at the core" and that it would use a combination of on-device processing and cloud computing to power its AI features.

Apple IOS 18, the software powering its flagship device, makes the iPhone home screen more customizable and includes improved versions of its in-house apps. This new software will also come with a "lock an app" feature that will help people protect sensitive information.

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