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All About Data Center

What is a data center?

To explain it on a basic term, data center is a space whereby companies or individuals store their data.

Location Of Data Centre

Accessibility to power supply

If you choose a place with poor power supply infrastructure, you might regret it as it might cause unforeseen downtime and can cause inconvenience and disruption for your company.


If you are located in a hot region, you will have to think of ways to cool down the machines in the data centre as it will generate heat. And if it leads to overheating, it can cause alot of problems.

Who have access to it?

Authorized personnel or employer or employees who have been given access to it.

Who are the biggest players?

- Google

- Amazon Web Services

- Microsoft

- Apple


What does it costs?

It would cost at least USD215 / month for 1U rackspace.

How do they ensure data security?

Data center security is strict when it comes to entering the building.

Especially areas that housed data servers should only be able to access by authorized personnel. Firewall must be strong with 24 hours CCTV.

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