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Acronis - Cybersecurity Solution Provider

Still searching for a cybersecurity solution which will aid in keeping your company's data stored in PC secure?

Why not give Acronis a try?

It is a Swiss global technology company, founded in Singapore - 2003. And have won multiple awards.

I will be sharing more currently.

Here is some snapshots from Acronis.

Is your company one of those affected by the key points below?

Without backing up, there is a possibility of data loss.

26% have even experience data loss multiple times. Losing data causes huge inconvenience to the organization.

The recovery downtime may take days if there is a lot of data to be recovered and there is a possibility that there might be data which you will not be able to retrieve.

Also, 61% of organizations is using 6 - 15 different protection and security tools.

Why not save the hassle just opt for a cybersecurity provider which provides a single, unified console?

Do you know that more solution does not mean more protection?

Currently, a higher percentage of organizations prefer an integrated solution. It is easier to be able to see the data on a single platform as compared to different platforms.

Which means Acronis might just be the right cybersecurity provider for you.

Regardless of whether you are an organization, service provider or even an individual, Acronis will have something suitable for you.

Give us a call at 6262 0402 or email us at for more details!

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