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7 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 For Business

Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) is a cloud-based productivity suite with tools like Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more to enhance users' ability to work.

It is a must-have for businesses as it can be accessed anywhere on any device and the tools in Microsoft 365 compliments each other and work together seamlessly.

Here are 7 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft 365:

Access to Files Anywhere

Microsoft 365 allows you to store all your files in the cloud, which allows employees to access files anywhere on any device as long as they have an internet connection.

It is essential to have access to apps and files you need when you are out of the office especially with the ongoing pandemic where a lot of businesses are working from home.


Microsoft 365 provides simple security measures such as the Multi-Factor Authentication, where your account is linked to another device or phone number providing a second level of verification.

Microsoft 365 also offers Advanced Threat Protection that stops malicious links and attachments before they get to your inbox by opening the links in a virtual environment and checks for malicious activity.

Improved Communication

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for communication, it is more than just a chatting platform and provides many features such as:

  • Instant Messaging Function - comments can be added and files uploaded at the same time

  • Teams & Channels - conversation boards between teammates

  • Online Meetings - can host up to 10,000 users and able to schedule a meeting in advance

  • Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing - users can collaborate seamlessly with video calls

Business Continuity

No matter what happens in the office, your team will always have access to the files and data as it is stored in the cloud which means in the case of a disaster, your business can continue to operate as usual.

Another business continuity benefit is a built-in file recovery for accidental deletion. In the case of accidental deletion, users are able to get them back with just a click of a button.

Automatic Update

Microsoft automatically deploys the necessary patches and updates at predetermined intervals for you so you don't have to worry about being on the latest version.

Live Collaboration

Microsoft 365 allows you to edit documents in real-time through collaborative tools. Documents that are saved within Microsoft 365 apps can be accessed or worked on by multiple users and shared as a link in the email.

You can also identify users who are editing the document thanks to the colored flag which appears when they are typing.

Cost Optimization

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of licenses and plans that you can choose based on your business requirements. When someone joins license usage associated cost goes up, but when someone leaves it goes down. As you pay on a per user per month basis you can predict your outgoings and plan your budget accordingly.

Overall, there a numerous benefits from Microsoft 365, from productivity gains to greater flexibility and from reduced costs to improved collaboration and communication. Your employees are able to get the right tools and applications to keep the business operational anywhere outside of the office.

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