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5 Dangers Of Public Wifi

From what I have notice, many people tend to get work done at cafes. Which means most likely they would actually connect to the free wifi which the cafe provides as they have to use their laptop.

But do you know the risk of connecting to public wifi?

You could be exposing your personal details to the hackers.

Details like login details, photos , your personal information which you have stored inside your laptop.

Yes, I understand there might be times whereby the only way to access the net is through public wifi. So how can you minimize the risk?

  • Turn off wifi when not in use

  • SSL Connection (Secure Sockets Layer) - Keeps an internet connection secure

  • VPN (Subscribe to a trustworthy provider - Eg. Acronis)


You may consider VPN as it will require the hackers to go through a process of a layer of encryption.

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