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Versions of Ransomware

What are the different types of Ransomware?


Cryptolocker is a malware threat that infects your computer and then search for files to encrypt. Once your laptop or computer is infected, files are "locked" using what is know as asymmetric encryption. Hackers can encrypt your data with the public key,it can only be decrypted using the unique private key they hold. It will display screen warnings indicating your data will be destroyed if you do not pay a ransom to get the private key.


Cryptowall virus spreads very quickly and victimises people who end up paying the ransom to get their data back. It does not store the encryption key where users can usually get it.CryptoWall is facilitated via emails with ZIP attachments where the virus is hidden as PDF files. Once the laptop is infected, the installer will start to snoop around the computer’s drives for data files that it can encrypt.


The malware encrypts computer files and gradually deletes them unless a ransom is paid to decrypt the files. It was designed to be spread through malicious attachments in spam emails. Jigsaw is activated if a user downloads the malware programme which will encrypt all user files and master boot record.Any attempt to reboot the computer or terminate the process will result in 1,000 files being deleted. A further updated version also makes threats to dox the victim by revealing their personal information online.

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