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Do you know about Encryption?

What is encryption? How does encryption work? Why is encryption so important?

Did you know?...

Encryption plays an essential role in helping you to protect your personal information "for your eyes only".

What is encryption?

Encryption is a process whereby it scrambles readable text so that it can only be read by the person who have a secret code to access into. It can protect the data you send, receive and store using a device which include text messages stored on your devices and banking information sent through your online account.

How does encryption work?

Encryption helps to protect the confidentiality of digital data either stored on computers or through a network like the internet. When the intended recipient accesses the massage, the information is translated back back to its original form which is known as decryption.

There are two types of encryptions: Symmetric encryption and Asymmetric encryption.

Symmetric encryption: Uses a single password to encrypt and decrypt data.

Asymmetric encryption: Uses two keys for encryption and decryption. A public key, which is shared among different users, encrypts data.

Why is encryption so important?

Encryption plays an important role in helping to secure many different types of information technology. Here are the reasons why.

1. Internet Privacy

It helps to secure personal information on the internet "for your eyes only" and no one else is able to get them without any authorised access.

2. Hacking and Cyberttacks

Many data and network systems was hacked, trying to steal confidential information and you may face certain consequences afterwards, such as paying up with your own debt.

3. Authentication

This process helps to verify the origin of the message being sent as to prove the content has not been changed since it was sent.

" Without strong encryption, you will be spied on systematically by lots of people. "

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