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No idea on what is Ransomware? How do you get Ransomware? What should you do if you are infected?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus emerging in the form of malware that lock the user out of their files of their device, which then require you to pay certain amount of money via credit card or cryptocurrency to restore access.

How do you get Ransomware?

The most common way today is through malicious spam, also known as malspams. It is an unsolicited email that is used to deliver malware. This email may contain links to malicious websites. Malspam uses social engineering in order to trick people into opening attachments or clicking links by appearing it seeming to be from a trusted website or link. With this, cybercriminals can use this method to scare users into paying a large sum of money to get back into access.

What should you do if you are infected?

The most important rule is to never pay the ransom if you found that you're infected. There are few ways you can do if you are infected by it.

1. Disconnect your devices from other drives.

If you are on network, you have to go offline. You may not want the ransomware to spread to spread to other devices on your local network.

2.Use a smartphone to capture the ransom note down.

With this, there is an evidence to show that you are infected by ransomware. You may wish to file a police report later.

3.Use antivirus or anti-malware software to clean the ransomware from the machine.

Using an antivirus software can help to protect you from cyberattacks such as stealing of personal data and information,to secure your computer and devices.

( You may wish to refer to our previous blogs for more information on Antivirus Softwares.)

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