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Kisi offers the most integrated platform for access control in 2020

With Kisi cloud based control system, you can secure your door access system and run your operation anywhere, on any device.

This system is good for those who are always not in office or for people that rents out their office or space as you can unlock and lock it anytime.

As your company grows, Kisi will still be the one for you as you can manage unlimited doors, add locations and basically all you need is just your phone or laptop to access Kisi Cloud Management Dashboard.

Let Kisi warn you if doors or windows are forced open by intruders.

What you have to do is just connect your doors or windows to the contact sensors on your Kisi controller.

Integrate Kisi with Cisco Meraki Security Cameras

Allow your security staff to assess the events in a quicker way and also, be able to check the guests that goes through the door with enriched video images

Impose the proper use of credentials

Avoid having to switch between access control and video system activity logs

Being able to look through the timings when door is unlock and also receive visual snapshots of users that went through the door at that of unlock. You do not have to spend time trying to look through the whole video footage.

Schedule door unlock events with Google Calender Office Tools

You can unlock doors for your guests to enter without having to be there personally to unlock it for them.

Admin can control the door remotely by scheduling the event on Google Calender and once it is added to the calendar, the door will be unlocked during the set timing.

How convenient and efficient Kisi is.

Work smart with Kisi.

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