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Beware Of Phishing Email

There have been phishing emails going around for years.

But recently, a new type email have been making rounds yet again.


It basically looks like any other ordinary email such as an invoice, order confirmation or payment verification.

But once you opened the link or attachment provided within the email, it will start to broadcast to virus to all your email contacts.

Such methods of phishing masked themselves as you, ensuring a higher success rate of people opening the virus file.

So How to Detect such Email?

1. Try hovering over the email address, you should see that the contact is not your actual known person/ friend.

2. Hover over the URL link provided (DO NOT CLICK THE LINK), you will also sport the site which is different from what is stated.

The above ways helps you to identify and prevent from being a victim.

Case Study

Below is a sample that we've received:

If you look closely at the sender's email, you will see 2 addresses: "" and ""

This shows that the hotmail account was a masked account, and the actual sender is actually from "".

So if you are expecting a friend's email, or for your online purchases, you could be tricked to open the link provided.

Phishing email sample

How to prevent being a victim?

If you have doubt about any email sent, the best way is to call your sender to verify it.

Especially if its from the bank requesting for login details or credit card verification for your online purchases.

Getting a good and licensed Anti-Virus software is also a good way to start.

Good Antivirus can start from just $0.10 a day, so why take the chance!

Prevention is always better than cure, especially if it's just a phone call away.

Be aware of the online threats and be vigilant about providing your personal data.

If you think that you have fallen victim to such phishing and need Anti-Virus to protect yourself digitally,

Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email to

We are always here to assist you.

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