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To purchase or to rent Copiers?

Types of Copiers

- Color / Mono Copier

- Multi-function Copier

- Analog / Digital Copier

- Desktop Copier

- Network Copier

Benefits Of Purchasing

You definitely save more in the long run.

When you find that the copier is outdated or if you wish to get a new copier, you can even trade-in to get back a portion of the money.

Not binded by any contracts, you do not have to pay monthly printing / servicing charges. You are free get any companies to come and fix it of your own choice without having to pay a fix amount monthly.

Disadvantages Of Purchasing

It is expensive for companies which have just started or might be difficult for small startups to pay in full for the copier and also, printer suppliers and maintenance is not included in the printer cost itself.

Benefits Of Rental

No expensive cost to be paid upfront for the copier itself.

On top of rental charges, there will be a charge which covers ink and maintenance thus there is no need to worry about the machine maintenance or supplies.

You will know an average amount of how much to pay monthly.

Can change to renting newer models after contract ends.

Disadvantages Of Rental

Being locked into a contract of whereby companies might overestimate their usage and end up paying more then they have to.

Why do people still rent?

Needing it on a short term basis or because the upfront payment is minimal for rental and they are just a small company or just started their own business with minimal spare cash to purchase a copier.

To rent or purchase a copier, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to!

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