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Wireless Projection System - Fast & Simple


No more adaptor or cables. Project any device, show / hide your screen instantly, and see multiple devices on the same display.

Touchcast features

Plug the dongle into your laptop, wait a few seconds for it to establish connection with the receiver box, and press on the dongle. No installation / connecting to Wi-Fi is needed. It’s true Plug & Play.

There are times when you want to temporarily hide your screen from the mass. With the dongle plugged in, simply press it to hide your projection, and show it with another press when you are ready again. This process is instant.

The dongle works on any PC/Mac, but what if you want to project content from your mobile device? It has AirPlay and Miracast technologies built in so you can project almost any content.

Traditional cable connection allows only one projection from one device at a time. With this, up to 8 input sources can be connected simultaneously, and at any point of time the display can be split to show 2 sources collaboratively at once.

It works for everyone including visitors that come to your office for the first time. As there’s no need to install any driver or connect to your company’s Wi-Fi network, feel proud to invite your guests to project wirelessly.

If your display is interactive, such as OnePanel, you can control your source PC/Mac from the interactive display. Manipulating / annotating on your digital content on the display without any cable connected.

Contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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