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Interactive Digital Presentation Podium

All-In-One interactive digital podium designed for every presentation venue, from small seminar rooms to huge conference theatres.

It is a smart touch display with embedded PC that speakers can present with, and it connects to any displays or AV system.

Compared to personal devices, Keynote features a much larger screen size for presenters to view their content comfortably. You can now spend less time looking at the big screen behind but more time facing your audience.

Thanks to the interactive touch display, presenters can self-control their speech at ease. Together with PowerPoint presenter view, you can see and navigate slides, toggle laser pointer or pens, check speaker’s notes, all within a few finger touches.

The beauty of this interactive podium is that it works with all kinds of displays, be it TVs, projector screens, LED video walls or even multiple screens. Therefore it can be deployed in all use cases where presentations are held.

To know more about this All-In-One interactive digital podium, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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