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Hybrid Board - Interactive Smart board

HybridBoard is the next-gen interactive smart board that inherits all the beauties from touchscreens, plug & play, finger sensing, multi-touch, and it works with any projector and supports digital/analogue dual use.

You can’t find a possibly more powerful interactive board.

Unlike its predecessors, HybridBoard does not require you to use any special digitizer stylus. Working on HybridBoard is as intuitive, responsive and collaborative as working on touchscreens.

HybridBoard’s touchscreen technology is plug & play. There’s absolutely no driver to install, no software to load, and not even a restart of computer is needed. Once the USB cable is plugged into your PC/Mac, the interactive board will respond to your touches instantly.

The beauty of HybridBoard is that it works with any projector you may have, be it long throw, short throw or ultra-short throw.

You do not need to replace your existing projector if it is still functioning well.

To know more about HybridBoard or if you wish to place an order, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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