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Large Display Flat Panels (Up to 98")

We see large display panels everywhere but how have you ever wondered how you could incorporate it into your daily life at work?

Enhance your display with 65 inches to 98 inches large display panel.

It is touch screen enabled and also powered by Windows 10 which most of us would be familiar thus there is no time wasted on learning how to use it.

With the first presentation add in built for Powerpoint, users can swipe and ink on their slides, start polls, save annotations and share slides through QR Code Scan.

It can also be used as a digital whiteboard which allows you to the ability to add digital content.

Transform your screen into a video conferencing display and user can communicate better with remote inking tools.

Best for anyone from Office to Schools, medical institution and many more.

To know more, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to

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