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Panda Security Antivirus - For Business

Panda Antivirus frees up your company's IT team time to concentrate on value added projects, resolves problems proactively and also further the support for emerging technologies.

This table is compiled by Ace Business Pte Ltd.

Panda Systems Management

Suitable for home or SMEs.

Easily manage monitors and supports all of your company's devices, whether they are in the office or in a remote location.

Manage smartphones and tablets (MDM): Establish password policies, control over use of the device, remote connectivity settings, remote locking and data wiping.

Panda Fusion

Suitable for SMES or enterprises.

Protects, manages and supports all devices – at any time and from anywhere- including those in remote offices and laptops. Simple, central management via a Web browser.

Complete anti-malware protection for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac workstations, as well as servers and laptops.

Visibility and control of all devices on the network, including smartphones and tablets

Panda Fusion 360

Suitable for enterprises.

Automated advanced security, centralized IT management, and remote support for all workstations, laptops and servers on the corporate network.

Deploy, install and configure the solution in minutes.

Configure users with total or limited visibility and permissions.

Dashboards and indicators for each module.

Ace Business Pte Ltd is the official partner for PANDA.

For any enquiries or to sign up for Panda antivirus, contact us now!

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