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FireWalla - Smart & Powerful Cyber Security Firewall Appliance Protecting Your Family and Busine

What is Firewalla?

It is a product which was posted on Kickstarter in 2016 to get funds to kickstart this item's production. The idea was borne when the founder's baby cam got hacked.

This orange device is a Firewalla device which was first produced in 2017.

As of now, there are 2 new types of Firewalla device.

Firewalla Red

It is optimized for affordability, ideal for families and SOHO users.

Taking control of your personal network and protecting it from cyber threats is a must.

Tired of seeing pop-up ads when you are browsing the web? Have control over your kid's activities on the web?

Then you definitely should give it a try as it is a solution to these concerns as it is an intelligent shield that connects to your router and secure your digital gadgets.

It can protect your family and you from cyber threats, block ads, control kid's internet usage and will even protect you if you are out and using public wifi.

Best of all, there is no monthly fee so you just have to pay a one time payment for the device itself.

Firewalla Blue

Firewalla Blue is optimized for power and speed. Faster processor and more memory to handle network traffic and attacks at near gigabit speed.

Firewalla Blue is based on the same software as Firewalla Red. The same software that’s been protecting families across 57 countries around the world.

Both boxes can be managed using the same App, there is no change.

New Software Features on Blue:

  • VPN Client: Connecting two Firewalla's or connect to your favorite VPN provider.

  • Deep scanning: More modules in memory to scan the network.

  • Ability to scale to more devices.

  • Stores more historical data.

  • Active Protect Advanced Block List: More protection by default.

Firewalla Blue will allow all of these wonderful security features to run at greater than 500 Mbits.

To get your own Firewalla, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to are always here to assist you!

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