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PDPA Data Disposal (How your past can catch up on you)

Importance of disposing your unwanted devices and hardware

Proper disposing is needed. Not just by deleting the data, doing a factory reset or reformatting the device and then proceeding to dump them into the bin. This do not mean that the data inside your unwanted devices and hardware is no longer present.

How people can take your information

If data is not dispose properly, people can take the hardware and all of the data which you thought is deleted might still be inside and they can be retrieved. Sensitive documents like company's confidential information might land in the wrong hands.

What we can do and how we do it

- Use software solutions that can securely overwrite data (Secure Wipe)

- Use a degausser in which the process changes the magnetic domain where data is stored, and this shift in domain ensures that data is unreadable and unable to be recovered

(Basically it is a demagnetization process and also this is one of the better method to take before crushing or incinerating the hardware)

- Crushing or incineration is definitely recommend as the hardware cannot be reused and data will not be able to be recovered anymore.

(This is one of the most secure method to be used)

If you need help with proper disposal of your unwanted device and hardware, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to We are always here to assist you!

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