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Recycle Your Electronic Waste

Recycling electronic waste may be something new to you but it have been around for years.

Why should you recycle your electronic waste?

Recycling your electronic waste ensures that valuable metals inside the device(s) can be recycled and reused to be made into a new item like computer parts, jewelry etc. In a way, this is environmental friendly and at the same time, you will be able to dispose them properly.

How should you recycle your electronic waste?

You can drop it off at any of the Recycling E-Waste container drop off points.

Is the data stored in the E-Waste devices safe if you send it for recycling?

Yes, your data stored inside is safe. E-Waste are dismantled into smaller parts and will be fed to a shredder to be broken down into smaller pieces. No data can be recovered at this point as it is all destroyed.

If you have any important files which you deleted on your devices and simply just dispose of it anywhere, data can still be recovered from the device itself. Which means there might be a chance that there will be an organization out there who can land their hands on your devices which you did not dispose of properly.

From there, they can get hold of your data and you will be at risk of facing cybercrime.

So it is best to recycle your E-Waste devices properly.

To know more, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to We are always here to assist you!

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