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Free Antivirus VS Paid version

People would often be wondering what's the difference between the free version of antivirus vs the paid version and not too many are knowledgeable with regards as to why is the paid version better then the free version.

Below would be some tips to clear your doubts.

Ads Pop Up

Pretty sure most of us dislike ads popping up from time to time which is asking us to sign up for the PAID version of the software.

No Data Protection

The free antivirus software you have installed might be sharing your data with 3rd parties to earn money. Why would you want 3rd parties to have your information when you are unsure of what they will be using it for?

After all, nothing in this world is free.

Lack of extensive protection

Usage of free antivirus software only gets you a basic level protection for your computer. However, if you need a strong firewall or the latest anti-malware, it will not be included with the free antivirus software. Which also means that they are only able to detect certain types of threats.

No Technical Support

For free antivirus software, you will not be able to get any telephone technical support from the company itself.

Panda Antivirus Software

Starting from just $2.50, you can make a choice between bubble tea which is a one time satisfaction or subscribing for Panda antivirus for a month and protecting your device.

Panda antivirus software is affordable and definitely suitable for everyone including students who might be spending time doing projects and sourcing for information on the net.

Ace Business Pte Ltd is the official partner for Panda.

Contact us for more information on your antivirus needs.

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