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A Modern Cloud-Based Access Control System


Kisi is a cloud-based physical access control system that’s comprised of door controllers, proximity readers, and management software. Kisi manufactures its own proprietary hardware (controllers and door readers) with in-house engineers who develop and support its software.


Kisi Product Family

• Door Controller - The Kisi door controller connects to the cloud management software via ethernet cable or WiFi connection, and each controller connects up to four doors, elevators or turnstiles.

• Door Reader - Kisi Reader Pro is built from the ground up with convenience, compliance and compatibility in mind. The reader is powered over ethernet (PoE) and now offers offline caching for emergency scenarios. The Bluetooth and NFC wall reader works effortlessly with both access cards and mobile devices to securely unlock doors.

• System Suite - With the cloud management dashboard, administrators of the facility can share keys, control access permissions based on time and door, and see access reports for unlock activity. User credentials for the system include mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that communicate with readers using NFC and Bluetooth.

• Cards - Not everyone has a smartphone or wants to carry it around with them all the time. That’s why key holders can also use Kisi Passes which are Kisi’s own, more secure, version of the traditional proximity card.


Kisi Reader

• Kisi is the only provider on the market offering documented and published end-to-end encryption

• Over-the-air updates for its hardware so updates are always fuss-free • Key sharing is truly seamless, it’s as easy as sending an email • Kisi allows for out-of-the-box integrations with user directories, e.g. Google Apps or Microsoft Azure • Kisi products get new firmware and security patches as soon as they’re available • Kisi releases new features each month and its API are well documented

Ace Business Pte Ltd is the official partner for Kisi. Contact us for more information.

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