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Take control of your network

More and more devices are being introduced as technology improves and we incorporate them into our daily life for convenience at home or at work.


IoT is an abbreviation for Internet Of Things, are devices that we use almost everyday like Alexa, smart locks for home, smart phones, smart TVs and many more.


Ace Business Pte Ltd is the official partner for Firewalla.

Firewalla is an all-in-one firewall that connects to your router, protects your devices from cyber attacks, and provides you with rich insights about your network. It is an advanced solution to safeguard your personal data, monitor and control your kids’ Internet usage, and block unwanted ads. Thanks to it's built-in VPN server, it will continue protecting you from cyber threats even when you are on the road.

Smarthome devices, wifi networks, smartphone devices can all be protected with just 1 product.

Why choose Firewalla?

Simple to Use

  • Plug and play installation, multiple ways to connect.

  • Plugs into your router, no need to replace it!

  • Cyber-security as simple as tapping on a few buttons.

  • App supporting iOS and Android Devices.

There is 2 products by Firewalla which is the Firewalla Blue and Firewalla Red.

Firewalla Blue (>500 Mbit)

- High Speed Internet

- Professionals and Small Business

Firewalla Blue

Firewalla Red (100 Mbit)

Suitable for :

- Standard Speed Internet

- Families and Home Business

With just 1 application, you can manage multiple Firewalla and see every single IP connection from any device.

Protects your devices and prevent intrusion with inbound and outbound firewall.

Family Time

Pretty sure a majority of us spend time on social networks. But have you ever wished that your family had a “time out” during dinner and other family occasions so that you can enjoy your time together and chat about your day?

With Firewalla's ‘Social Hour’ button, one tap is all you need and all major social networks will be blocked for one hour.

Social hour will only block popular social networks.

Parental Control

Alarm notifications lets you know if your kids are playing games or watching videos.

With Family Protect automatically block feature, it helps to block out questionable sites which your kid might access.

You can also use Safe Search to filter out offensive search result if your kid enters an inappropriate or suggestive phrase in the search bar.

Privacy Protection

When we are outdoors, we might be connecting to public WiFi, but have you ever stopped to think what lurks in between your hotspot and your final destination?How can we ensure that our internet activity stays private when we’re out in public?

Firewalla can help you stay private:

Firewalla’s built-in VPN server encrypts all of your browsing data, sends it to your home network, and then route to the internet from there.Which in turn eliminates the possibility of anyone in-between you and your destination snooping on you.

Coffee shop owners, coffee shop patrons, foreign ISP's or governments – you’re shielded from all of them.

Firewalla's VPN Server has been used by travelers to bypass internet filtering in countries that block certain websites and apps.

Access your home devices and gadgets anywhere in the world with strong encryption. Firewalla’s built-in adblocker helps you eliminate ads that track your web browsing habits (and annoy you as well). Though not all ads can be eliminated, Firewalla is continually improving the ad blocking processes. This ad filtering is built into Firewalla – your browsing habits will never reach any third party.

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