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Protect your Business!

Protect your Business with Layered Next-gen Security

With best antivirus, anti-ransomware, protection against zero-days and rollback

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Security challenges With the advent of malware in the digital world, small and medium companies might be easy targets for hackers. Studies show that more than 50% of small and medium businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks. But with the right security in place, even small businesses can stay protected against all kinds of attacks, from ransomware to Advanced Persistent Threats. Bitdefender employs multiple techniques and layers to safeguard your business, protecting all the things that keep your business going: workstations, servers, mailboxes and mobile devices. It’s incredibly easy to install and light on your resources.

Best Protection, Best Performance

Using advanced behavior-based technologies, Bitdefender scores best in detecting threats in independent trials. Demonstrated GravityZone leading protection and performance help you minimize the risks of a security breach that could impact your business or slow down employees’ systems. Streamlined deployment and security management

You can use the cloud-hosted management console, or deploy the console locally. Based on hardened Linux machines wrapped in virtual appliances, the GravityZone on-premise console is configured and ready to use in under 30 minutes. Bitdefender agent automatically detects and removes the previous AV solution upon install. Unified management for all your endpoints

Use a single unified console to manage optimized protection for desktops and servers, virtual and physical machines, mobiles and email.

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