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Closure of SingNet Business ADSL/DSL Service

Singtel has announced that all SingNet ADSL service will be disconnected progressively from 31 December 2018 without further notice. Final Reminder Letter on ADSL Closure has been sent out to all existing users and will hit desk on 23/24 Oct 2018.

Please note the following should customer choose not to upgrade to Fibre Broadband before 31 December 2018:

1. Customer will no longer have any Internet connectivity.

2. Customer’s existing email will cease and all data will be removed upon cessation of ADSL service.

3. Customer’s other bundled add-on services will be converted to standalone and charged at the prevailing rate.

Note to all: Customer to ignore the final reminder letter if they have already upgraded their broadband service to fibre OR they have pending eVolve orders that was submitted.

Feel free to contact us @ 6262 0402 if any details required. Thanks.

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