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Did your antivirus subscription expired?

Bullguard Cybersecurity

Some schools and colleges are fighting back by teaching cybersecurity. We believe one day it will be taught everywhere, like mathematics. Until then, you need to educate yourself on the subject.

Here are a few tips:

phishing scams

1. Beware of official looking phishing scams, especially unexpected email from your school or college office

unexpected attachments

2. Don’t open unexpected attachments without double checking they’re legit


3. Change your passwords regularly, and pick strong ones

privacy settings

4. Don’t go with the default. Spend a few minutes selecting privacy settings for your apps

Best Malware Protection

Get the next generation protection recognised by AV Comparatives, as the Best Malware Protection in the World.

With features like:

Heavy Duty Firewall

Heavy Duty Firewall — slayers tough protection, fully optimized for Windows 10

Game Booster

Game Booster — Smoother gaming without any lag.

Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability Scanner — Alerts you to missing security updates and prevents you accidentally downloading malware.

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