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System Repair & PC / Computer Tune-up / Optimize - Tech Support by Ace

Did your computer crash? All your data stored on the machine and you are not interested to bring to computer shop?

Contact us at 6262 0402

We deploy our Ace Support Engineer onsite with Guaranteed SLA and get your valuable data recovered onsite for devices which are still on working condition. For critical recovery we have to bring it to the lab for damaged parts assessment as it will improve the chance of recovery when its damaged.

For Computer Tune-up or PC Optimization, our engineers will be able to resolve via secured remote connection.

System Repair & PC / Computer Tune-up / Optimize

From Ordering -> Configuring -> Installation -> Maintenance, we are here for you! No more compromising on the Tools & Equipment that are bringing you the essential Sales & Operations.

We Supply, Install / Setup and Maintain: Computer / Laptop, Network , Servers, Printers / Copiers, Plotters, Rack Equipments, Monitoring, Softwares, Cabling etc.

Call Us Today for a Quote!

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