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Gamers do it better with BullGuard

If you’re a gamer and want lightning fast, uninterrupted gaming while protecting your computer from malware then check out BullGuard’s patent pending Game Booster.


Included in all BullGuard products Game Booster works on quad core processors. It automatically detects users’ gaming sessions and pulls other applications that are open onto one or two of the processing cores. This ensures the other cores are dedicated to the game so your gaming is never interrupted… and your system never crashes because of malware. Chillblast, the specialist PC gaming manufacturer, put Game Booster to the test in a head-to-head battle against other security software with gaming technology. In a 3DMark Firestrike benchmark BullGuard Game Booster beat out ALL the competition with a 6650 score. In a real world test on Codemasters’ F1 2017 it again left the competition in the dust with 52.4 FPS. With BullGuard’s unique patent pending Game Booster, you can still zap the competition… while gaining what is probably the best protection in the world. To use Game Booster simply: Click on the red BullGuard icon > Settings > Game Booster > Click on the box in the top right hand corner so the green tab shows You’re all ready to go.

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