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Work From Home Security Solutions

Are you looking to minimize cybersecurity risks due to employees working from home?

Look no further, Firewalla offers simple and easy to set up solutions with no monthly fees. Here are three solutions for SMBs and enterprises.

First Solution - For small business / single site security

If you are a small business looking for a simple and affordable VPN to access office servers at home and if your internet speed is 100MB:

  • Install a Firewalla Blue in the office and enable VPN Server

  • Install OpenVPN client application on each employee's computer

Second Solution - For SMB / Multi-Site and Home Security

If your business has multiple offices and wants to connect two networks securely and share resources, allow employees to access the resources from both sites at home:

  • Install Firewalla Blue/Gold in both locations and enable VPN Server and Client

  • Use Site-to-Sit VPN to connect both sites and the employee can install Firewalla Blue at home or use the OpenVPN app on their work device to connect to the VPN server

Third Solution - For Enterprise / Home Office Security

If your company is looking to reduce overall cyber attacks for corporate cybersecurity, parental control function to improve employees productivity when working at home with kids and have a high performance and reliable home connectivity:

  • Install Firewalla Gold at employee's homes

  • Create a separate local network for work devices to access other parts of the network

  • Create separate networks for kids' devices, IoT devices, etc.

In conclusion, if you need advanced security protection for offices and homes, Firewalla is the way. Firewalla provides cybersecurity, VPN services, parental controls, and it's easy to deploy. Employers can also remotely monitor the office network via Firewalla mobile app or web interface.

Not sure how to protect your business network?

Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email us at to get the information details on your needs.

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