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Sensibo Sky

The weather is scorching hot nowadays. When you get home, you might be perspiring and still have to turn on the aircon and wait for quite awhile before the room feels cooling.

But if you have Sensibo Sky, you will no longer face such a problem again as you can turn on your aircon when you are about to reach home just with a few taps on the Sensibo app on your phone.

You can also turn it off through the app if you realized that you forgot to turn it off while you were in a rush to work.

I am sure this device would be a worthwhile purchase.

Setup is quick and easy. No technicians needed. Just your phone and Sensibo device.

You will be able to set the timing for the aircon to be turn on/off as well as the temperature for up to 7 days, which in turn would help you save in electricity bills.

Get home to a cooling house / room and immediately feel better from the scorching heat outdoors.

Best feature about this device is that it can be integrated with Alexa / Google Home! Meaning if you are too lazy to get up to grab your phone, you only need either of the device mention above to help you to turn your aircon on/off with just your voice.

If you would like to make a purchase, you may contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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