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Seamless workflow with Xero

Xero is further optimizing your billable workflow, as well as making it much easier to find and set up new clients for your practice.

Flexible view of clients in Xero HQ

Xero's new and clean table format and faster access to relevant client information, includes the ability to sort, filter, group, and customize the data you want to see. You will also have the ability to export your client list to Excel. New details will include trading name/legal name, Xero's organization name, business number and financial year-end date.

Greater consistency in client data between Xero HQ and Xero Practice Manager clients

When creating a new client in Xero HQ, that information will automatically flow through to Xero Practice Manager and vice versa. This means you only have to set up a client once, in one place, and you’ll have the same client in both systems.

Page breaks in reporting and redesigned date selector

When preparing report templates for your clients, there are page breaks to make formatting easier. This gives you more control over where the pages in the reports will break. You can find this feature in the layout editor of all new reports.

Collate and sign documents quickly and easily in Xero HQ

Organizing client documents, sending them out to be signed, and getting them back correctly can take time. The Document Packs feature in Xero HQ will let you collate everything from engagement letters to year-end financial reports and then get them e-signed by your clients.

Winning new clients

Prompts in Xero will encourage small businesses to reach out to an advisor. Essentially it’s a matchmaking service, using innovative technology and Xero data to leverage the reach of the Advisor Directory and help you gain new clients.

Onboarding clients quickly with customised Chart of Accounts templates in Xero HQ

Xero partners globally will have the option to build their own customized Chart of Accounts (COA) templates, standardized to their internal practice conventions and reporting needs. Customizable COA templates can be mapped to Xero report codes and anyone in your practice can use them when adding new clients to speed up onboarding. The templates will be created and stored in Xero HQ and can be easily accessed when creating new clients.

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