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Manage multiple features with one platform

If you're a logistic business that's struggling with managing orders, inventory, and payroll management, we got the perfect solution for you!

Cloud integration allows you to connect multiple cloud environments and applications together. It gives companies visibility and access to their data anywhere with improved functional connectivity.

Hence, I would like to introduce you to U-CLO. U-CLO is integrated cloud software that provides types of services:

  • Inventory/Order Management

  • Accounting System

  • Payroll Management

Inventory Management provides real-time tracking and tracks by inventory, warehouse, location, FIFO, LIFO, and MYTI UOM.

Each product is assigned with a product ID and barcode which allows you to track product order status and information.

Businesses using excel sheets to track inventory will have a much more complicated process compared to having an Inventory Management UI.

Order Management allows you to manage multiple orders from a single management module and keeps records of purchase orders, purchase receipts and track them seamlessly.

It also monitors the status of orders and allows you to create bulk orders using the import order templates from the order master module.

Accounting System is a user-friendly, and easy-to-use software that allows you to keep track of payables, receivables, and expenses including GST reconciliations. This is beneficial as accounting is needed to keep track of your expenses and plan it out.

Payroll Management allows you to calculate time, attendance, shifts, leaves, and claims to generate an accurate payroll report. It also has an automated email feature that directly emails the employees their payslip and alerts them if there is any pay addition or deduction.

It is also very convenient as you are able to create multiple warehouses and access their inventory through a single platform and makes it easier for companies to manage employees' payroll.

Overall, the benefits of integrated cloud software help boost up business productivity and efficiency without much work. With U-CLO, you are able to manage payroll, time attendance, and stocks much more efficiently

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