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5 Common Printing Problems and Troubleshooting

When the printer doesn't function well it's easy to become frustrated. You lose precious business time and productivity will suffer.

But many problems can be solved with some DIY solutions. To help you get your printer working again, here is a list of common printer problems and solutions:

1. Unresponsive Printer

Always be sure to check the printer:

  • Power - switched on

  • Paper - have sufficient paper/paper stuck in printer

  • Cables - all necessary cables are connected

  • Wireless connection - wireless connections are working

  • Printer ink or toner cartridges - out of ink or toner

2. Printer not printing

The easiest solution is to restart your printer. If that doesn't work, check if you selected the correct print job for the right printer otherwise you'll be sending it to the wrong department printer.

If your print driver has a two-way communication feature it will warn you about what might be causing your issue.

3. Bad Print Quality

Try these quick and easy fixes for better quality. If the problem still persists, the issue is most likely due to the supplies or hardware.

  • Check if the print driver has the correct paper or media selected

  • Choose the appropriate print quality settings for your printed pages

  • Check if there's any damage to your toner cartridges, imaging unit, and the fuser

  • If there are smudge marks, print several blank sheets of paper and they will fade away

4. Paper Jam

Common reasons for paper jams are objects loose inside the printer, overfilled paper tray, or improperly inserted paper.

Inspect the printer for jammed papers and be careful not to tear it as it may get caught between rollers.

If there is a misaligned paper, remove the tray and reposition the paper correctly and reseat the tray.

5. Printer takes too long

If you're printing high-quality images, that may be the cause of it as has more data for it to process which causes slow printing time.

Another solution is switching from duplex mode (using both sides of the paper) to simplex mode. You’ll use more paper but takes lesser time to print.

Overall, having a printer is essential for businesses but when it goes faulty it can be very troublesome. But with some quick and easy DIY solutions, it can be solved in minutes. Take note of these tips as you never know when you might need them in the future.

Still having trouble with your printer?

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