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5 Common IT Problems For Businesses and Solutions

With technology changing each day, problems will also rise. It may take hours to solve the problem which increases downtime and less productivity.

But no need to worry, we are here to help you. Here is a list of solutions for common IT problems that businesses face:

Poor Network Security

Having a secure network is a must for all businesses as there are risks of a data breach which can affect the business reputation and finance.

Solution: Ensure that the firewall is enabled and company data is backed up regularly to avoid data loss. The firewall protects your network by monitoring your network traffic and blocks off unwanted and unauthorized incoming traffic.

No Data Backup

Without a data backup, once your data is lost it would cost a lot to recover it back especially if there is a data breach.

Solution: Always have a good data backup plan and test it regularly to see if the information can be recovered fully as people rarely check if it's working until it's too late. If you have a poor backup strategy, work with an IT consultant.

Poor Internet Connection

Having a poor internet connection takes a toll on several areas at work as employees are unable to perform their tasks and communicate with clients efficiently.


  1. Use bandwidth management software to ensure tasks like calls, cloud apps, and video conferences get sufficient network resources.

  2. Set up routers, switches, and access points in optimal locations to get maximum network coverage.

  3. Get a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) who can manage, maintain and optimize your network or opt for a fast and reliable connection.

Insufficient Power Protection

Without proper power protection, when a power outage spikes it can damage electronic components which results in critical data loss.

Solution: Install backup battery devices and ensure that a technology professional checks if it's working regularly.

Not Having a Proper IT Plan

Having a proper IT department is essential with how important technology is nowadays.

Cooperating with managed IT services benefits your business by saving money, ensuring a safe and secure network, and makes employees more productive.

Solution: Work with an IT professional who can help identify the IT infrastructure you need to support your business and help you to plan for the future.

Knowing what are the common IT problems that businesses face will help you better when facing these issues in the future and prevent them from happening.

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