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Managing Threats from The Inside

What is cyber threat? Where do threats come from and how can you manage them?

Cyber threat is...

an act which intends to steal data without any authorised access that can cause digital harm. Hackers gained unauthorised access into your computer to get data either for profits or to perform with mischievous acts.

Where do cyber threats come from?

Cyber threats come from a few threat actors:

1. Hackers.

Hackers can break into your information systems and steal confidential information to benefit themselves. In the past, it required a high level of skill to do that but today, attacker scripts can be downloaded online which make attacking simple.

2. Accidental actions of authorised users.

An authorised user may forget to configure security correctly thus leading to data and information leakage. Leakage of data and information may be caused by poor configuration as well.

3. Hacktivists.

Most hacktivist groups are concerned with spreading propaganda rather than damaging infrastructure or disrupting services. Their goal is to support their political agenda rather than cause maximum damage to an organization.

How can you manage them?

1. Bolster Access Control
Weak access control leaves your data and systems susceptible to unauthorized access.

Boost access control measures by using a strong password system. You should have a mix of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, always reset all default passwords.

2. Keep All Software Updated

From anti-virus software to computer operating systems, ensure your software is updated. When a new version of software is released, the version usually includes fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Manual software updates can be time-consuming. Use automatic software updates for as many programs as possible.

3. Standardize Software

Keep your systems protecting by standardizing software. Ensure that users cannot install software onto the system without approval.

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