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Plotters/ Large Format Printer

Types of plotters / Large format printer

Cutting Plotters

Uses knives to cut into printing media. It is connected to a computer which have specialized cutting design or drawing software installed.

Electrostatic Plotter

Invented in 1967, it is a plotter that draws images on printing media with electrostatic process. Mostly used for Computer Aided Engineering and use dry toner or liquid toner.

Inkjet Plotters

It is popular among advertising agencies or construction trade.

Have the capability of printing better graphics as compared to other types of plotters.

LED Plotters

They uses dry toner and a heat source to print images on printing media and they use LED instead of laser as heat source.

Rental VS Buying

Plotters is never cheap. The pricing for a plotter ranges from a few thousand to more than 10 thousand dollars which is not inclusive of maintenance fee or ink and printing media cost.

Most companies will consider renting a plotter instead of buying due to the initial high cost, especially for startups.

Would strongly advised to rent instead of purchase if there is insufficient cash flow and go for managed print services which means everything is managed by the rental company.

But if your company is able to afford it, then it would be good to purchase instead of rent as the machine would belong to your company. You are free to hire 3rd party companies to get the maintenance done and can also purchase your supplies from them. You will not be binded to any contract nor pay for whatever you won't be using.

What to look out for when getting a plotter

  • Color printing or black and white or both?

  • Copy / Scan function or both?

  • Looking for a plotter to print CAD or images?

  • Inkjet or Laserjet?

  • Print media options: Plotter paper,Inkjet CAD media or Plain Paper Cut Sheets?

  • Estimated print volume?

  • Size of plotter and print speed and also amount of users?

Best plotter for various industry

I highly recommend HP for quality printing as I have seen the quality of the printed materials as compared to other brands.

Documents or pictures which are printed by HP Plotters are on a higher par as compared to other brands. HP Plotters printing gives off a clear visibility of all lines and color contrast on pictures is much more vibrant.

HP DesignJet T830

To rent or purchase a plotter, contact us at 6262 0402 or email to

Our customer representatives would be happy to assist you on choosing the best machine for you.

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