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Panda Security Certified Partner

AD360 (Aether Platform) Panda Security Certified Partner Panda Security Full Encryption Certified Partner

Keep your devices safe with Panda Security.

- Protect and manage all your devices

- Real-time location

- Lock and wipe them remotely whenever you want

- Anti-theft alarm and get a photo of the thief after three failed attempts to unlock your lost or stolen device

- Improve performance and extend your device’s battery life

You will be able to know what your children are doing in real time.

- Monitor your children’s Internet use

- Block access to inappropriate and harmful content

- PIN-protect access to specific apps

- Keep track of your loved ones’ location at any time

- Protect your Wi-Fi from hackers and nosey neighbors

- Keep your memories, photos and confidential data safe

- Know what your apps can do and what information they can access

- Add phone numbers to your blacklist and stop unwanted calls

Keep your photos, memories, passwords and confidential data safe from all threats, including ransomware and Bitcoin mining attacks.

- Virtual vault to protect your money and confidential data

- Real-time next-generation antivirus protection

- Full control of any device connected to your Wi-Fi network

- Secure and manage all your passwords with a single click

- Wipe your device data remotely in case of loss or theft

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