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Home Security

Importance Of Home Security

Home security camera helps to deter crime and intruders.

It can be used to keep your home and family safe.

You can use it to observe activities around your property's surroundings or also if you installed it indoors, you will be able to view from your phone instead of checking it out if you hear sounds coming from somewhere in the house.

For example, baby / children monitoring, helper (maid) monitoring and pets monitoring.

You can feel more at ease knowing that you can view what is your baby / children doing and if they are going to an off limits area.

As for helper wise, you can see if they are doing the work assigned to them while you are away at work.

And also, for pets monitoring, you would not have to be worried about your fur babies as you can see them from your phone.

Motion detector can be set up for elderly who have dementia and is residing in the house and have no one to take care of them in the day.

Once they stepped out of the parameter, the motion detector will send a notification to inform.

Types Of CCTV Camera

Bullet / Dome with Audio

Records audio as well as images.


Bullet CCTV Cameras have a long, cylindrical, and tapered shape, often used in applications that require long distance viewing. The camera designed to capture images from a fixed location, pointing at a particular area.


Dome CCTV Cameras are most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. The cameras sit in dome-shaped housing. These housings are designed to make the CCTV cameras unobtrusive but not covert or hidden.


Digital Video Recorder (DVR) stores the transmitted video images in either stand-alone devices or an external storage backup system. It document the data in digital format. The video data is coded, stored and processed at DVR only. DVR can be easily accessed through a web browser, or CCTV centralised software, or a mobile application.


PTZ camera will pan, tilt and zoom and reflects the movement options of the camera.


360 camera is also known as is a omnidirectional camera.

It is mostly used in areas where a large visual coverage is needed.


View on mobile 24/7, anytime, anywhere

No matter whether you are at work or just on holiday overseas, you will be able to see the live / recorded footage of your property's surrounding


Places whereby CCTV can be installed at:

HDB Flat Doorstep*

Condominium Doorstep*

Landed Property (Any part of your compound)

*Please seek approval from relevant management before installation

Ace Business Pte Ltd is the official partner for Hikvision.

Contact us for more information on your CCTV needs.

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