Make online learning a safe experience for kids
  • Rebekah

Make online learning a safe experience for kids

With schools in certain countries on temporary closure for preventive measures due to COVID-19, kids are mostly doing school homework from online.

I would like to introduce Firewalla, a device that would be a great help for parents who have children.

With kids getting more and more tech savvy, they might spend time on the net instead of doing their homework. But with Firewalla, you can set up scheduled access for them so that they will not be glued to the screen the whole day.

And also, Firewalla have features such as :

  • Safe Search - automatically filter out offensive searches. 

  • Family Protect - automatically block adult and offensive content

  • Social Hour - temporarily blocks social networking for one hour

This way, there is no worries of your child accessing sites that they shouldn't and will not be on social media sites for way too long and neglect their school work.

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