How to prevent Ransomware?
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How to prevent Ransomware?

Nobody wish to get their machines infected with ransomware so read on to know how to prevent Ransomware!

It normally infects a computer by spam or phishing emails and also certain websites or dubious downloads. It will then lock all files and the malware will request for a ransom in order for them to decrypt the files and get them restored. It might also spread through

So what are the precautions which you can take to prevent your computer from getting infected by ransomware?

Do patch update regularly

Attacks normally happen on older version of patch which normally is vulnerable to threats.

So if you do the patch update on a regular basis or when a new version of patch update is out, you will be less susceptible to ransomware attacks.


Ensure your network security have strong firewall which will prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your network.

Permission to access

Permission to access for certain softwares as well as admin accounts on computer should be kept to a minimum as not all staffs requires the admin rights or privileges.

This will lessen the risk of the computer getting unwanted attacks.

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