Get ahead of Windows vulnerabilities with Patch Management
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Get ahead of Windows vulnerabilities with Patch Management

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Windows, affecting users of Windows XP, Windows 7, and other older Windows systems, leaving the doors open to other direct attacks.

Most attacks and exploits take advantage of vulnerabilities in your systems and outdated applications to compromise your computers and your data. Reduce the attack surface and increase your prevention, detainment, and response capabilities with Panda Patch Management.

  • Audit, deploy, and monitor updates and patches on operating systems and applications.

  • Reduce the attack surface created by vulnerabilities.

  • Contain and mitigate attacks immediately patching endpoints.

  • It helps to comply with the accountability principle.

  • Visibility of the health of endpoints in real time in terms of vulnerabilities, patches and updates.

Simplify vulnerability management in your company.

More Information - Link , Download Datasheet - Link

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